Naturno Pottery Market 2011
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Naturno Pottery Market 2011 South Tyrol ItalyNaturno Pottery Market Naturno Pottery Market

Naturno Pottery Market 2015

Naturno Pottery Market 2015

Naturno Pottery Market 05. - 07.06.2015

For the 5th time, unique of its kind in the southern region of the Alps, the upcoming International Pottery Market of Naturns/Naturno is held from 05. to 07.06.2015.

The organizer, Naturns Aktiv, an association of the village merchants, has been busy for years, to develop new ideas and to organize innovative events. Naturns Aktiv has set out with the pottery market, in order to promote today’s appreciation of this traditional craft.
The Naturno Pottery Market shall be a platform of high quality artistic exchange guided by the idea to bring together arts and crafts based on a strict selection of quality production.
We are open to both, to the artistic experiment and to technical achievements in the arts and crafts.
The Naturno Pottery Market offers to 45 selected potters from Italy and abroad the possibility of an international exchange of ideas. Exclusively freelance and entrepreneurial artists and potters, which are solely in charge of design, production and sale of their ceramic ware are invited and shall demonstrate their skills.
Furthermore, there will be exceptional events happing round about the market, such as an exhibition, a pottery award, live music gigs, a pottery studio with kiln, open to adults and children and more.
The Keramikmarkt Naturns/Naturno Pottery Market takes place every two years on the first week-end of june.
A jury assembled by the organizer decides on who participates.
The aim is, to bring together a selection of exhibitors coming from a wide range of craft fields and showing a high level of craft quality and artistic autonomy.

Keramik Aktiv Competition 2015 / Exhibition 2015

During the market an exhibtion of selected objects will be presented in the Naturno Town Hall. The Keramikpreis Naturns Aktiv - 1.000 € is awarded. The jury will decide on whether the prize goes to one candidate or is split up among several. Only exhibitors of the market are liable to participate in the competition.
Furthermore, a purchase option of the winning object is granted to the commune of Naturno. The object submitted has to stay in the show until Sunday, 07.06., 6 p.m., and can only be picked up after the end of the market.

The most beautiful market booth 2015

Furthermore, the jury will vote for the most beautiful market booth (judged by the presentation mode, not by pottery ware)

1. 1st prize - refund of exhibtor’s fee
2. 2nd prize - recognition prize
3. 3rd prize - recognition prize

Market visitors will express their appreciation by voting for a Public Award (assessment of booth and products).

1. 1st prize - local products
2. 2nd prize - recognition prize
3. 3rd prize - recognition prize