Naturno Pottery Market 2015
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Naturno Pottery Market 2015 South Tyrol ItalyNaturno Pottery Market Information


Event Dates

The Naturno Pottery Market takes place every 2 years always on the 1st week-end of june.
2015 the Naturno Pottery Market will take place from 05.06. to 07.06.2015.

opening times
friday 05.06.15 17.00 - 20.00
saturday 06.06.15 10.00 - 20.00
sunday 07.06.15 10.00 - 18.00

Conditions of Participation

Only freelance and professional artists and potters, who are solely in charge of design, production and sale of their ceramic wares, are invited to participate in the market. Non-professional artists and merchants are excluded from participation. The jury of the organizer is in charge of the exhibitor selection. The aim is, to bring together a selection of exhibitors coming from a wide range of pottery craft fields and showing a high level of craft quality and artistic independence.

Registration/Application Procedures

  • registration deadline is 31th january 2015
  • ca. 3 pictures of your products, 1 picture of your market booth
  • short description of your work (e.g. your career, your working approach.)
Within 3 weeks after the registration the application is accepted or declined. When accepted you will receive a confirmation of participation and a bill on the exhibitors fee. We kindly ask for due payment. You may send your application by mail. Your application documents will not be returned. Applications arriving after the 31th of January 2015 will be put on a waiting list.

Market Booth

Standard Booth dimensions are 4 m in length x ca. 4 m in depth.
Stands up to 6 m are possible.
Concerning the market booth presentation, packaging and wrapping material have to be concealed and invisible for the visitors. The market booth and the products shall be presented in an individual and creative manner. We also recommend to install a sign stating clearly the name of your company etc. Music and consumption of beverages and food at the booth is not permitted.

Build up and Removal

Booth build up starts on Friday, 05.06. from 9 a.m. During build up and removal the market area is accessible by car. After loading, vehicles shall be parked on specifically reseverd parking lots. You will receive your parking lot attached to your registration confirmation.
Removal starts on sunday, 05.06. from 6 p.m. (not possible before).
After removal, the booth lot is to be left clean and swept. Garbage has to be removed. Booths have to be well covered in the evening. At night, you may store your well wrapped pottery ware inside the Town Hall. The organisor assumes no liability.

Booth Fees

  • 4 m lenght: 250 € + 22% VAT = 305 €
  • 5 m lenght: 300 € + 22% VAT = 366 €
  • 6 m lenght: 350 € + 22% VAT = 427 €
Value Added Tax is mandatory for all EU and non-EU members, even for those who benefit from exemption from Value Added Tax outside Italy; this is stipulated by the Italian Finance Act. The stall fee must reach the event organiser's account by 31st March. If this deadline is not met, the registration will be considered to have been cancelled. In the event of withdrawal from the market a processing fee of 70 €, plus 22% VAT shall be retained. In the event of withdrawal without good reason one month before the start of the market the stall fee shall not be refunded.


The organizer is in charge of professional publicity and public relation work (posters, invitation cards, flyers etc.), in order to promote the event in an effective way.
Nevertheless, exhibitors may profit from their own PR network additionally.
The exhibitor will receive PR material, such as poster and invitation cards free of charge.

Keramik Aktiv Competition 2015 / Exhibition 2015

An exhibition on the theme of "The Cylinder" will be held in parallel with the market. All the objects are exhibited throughout the entire period of the market in the Naturno Civic Centre and Town Hall. The Naturns Aktiv Ceramics Award is rewarded by 1.000 €. The panel of judges decides whether the prize money goes to one individual competitor or whether the sum is divided among several competitors. Participation in the Naturns Aktiv Ceramics Award is linked to participation in the Naturno Pottery Market.
Furthermore, the Naturno Municipal Council is assured the right of first refusal on the object, which wins the award.

You are advised that only one object may be exhibited per market stall; no groups, collections or series are permitted. Only the event organiser shall display or position the object in the exhibition and objects shall not be suspended from above nor provided with electric current. The participants in the competition are also prohibited from touching the objects exhibited!

The object submitted to the competition must remain in the exhibition until 6 pm on Sunday; it may be collected only after the market has closed.

The prize-winner of the Naturns Aktiv Ceramics Award is excluded from entering the following year's competition.

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline for your complete file of documents for the Keramikmarkt Naturns/Naturno Pottery Market 2015 valid for all participants is 31rd of january 2015. Applications may be submitted by post Office!

We are looking forward to your application!

Claudia Tapfer, Tel: +39 334 9364999
Elfi Sommavilla, Tel. +39 335 6054146